Portfolio/Website Design

Since 1995 BDA have been producing interactive, dynamic, e-business websites, utilising the latest software and optimisation tools to ensure the viewing experience is enhanced to its fullest. Website design and planning abilities have placed BDA at the forefront of web development.  BDA realise that we are not only building a website, we're building a long term relationship with our clients.

The Zenith content management system (CMS) which BDA designed over a 3 year period is one of the most powerful CMS softwares available anywhere, yet it is one of the simplest for clients to use. It has built in Search Engine Optimisation features which provide the site with a better chance of being ranked higher. There are many bolt on modules for e-commerce, booking system, diary, extranet etc.

From 2008, BDA decided to concentrate on it's core design and strategy business, so moved website construction from inhouse coders to a partner company to carry out the coding using, where appropriate, BDA's own Zenith content management system, Drupal and technologies such as PHP, Ajax, Javascript, Flash, MySQL and DHTML.

BDA now focusses inhouse web resources on internet strategy, website design and planning which forms part of the overall BDA business suppport package.

The BDA portfolio of web design shows a few examples of the many dozens of sites completed.

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